Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nancy's books in other languages

While we're on the subject of Nancy's books in different languages, I just received a comment from a reader who would like to see Nancy's books published in Hungarian, which raises a larger issue. Nancy doesn't determine which languages her books will get published in; publishers can bid on the language rights for a given book if they feel there will be a market for it. So if you speak something other than English, contact the folks at your favorite publisher and let them know of your interest in Nancy's books, and maybe they'll give it a chance...

Reservieren Sie sich Ihr Exemplar jetzt

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If so, you can now get Impossible in German, under the title Der Fluch von Scarborough Fair.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black Mirror on KCLS walking tour

The King County Library System in Washington has come up with an imaginative way of promoting books: they've set up a virtual gallery of 100 book covers sprinkled around the county at various businesses. At each stop, you can read about or listen to a description of the book behind the book cover.

Nancy's Black Mirror is on display in CC's Lounge at 635 SW 152nd Street in Burien. If you don't live anywhere near Seattle, you can still follow the tour from the website, and get an audio description of Black Mirror here, nestled right between works by T.S. Eliot and Dr. Seuss in the Burien section of the page. If you do live in those parts and want to do some or all of the walking tour, the instructions are at the top of the page.