Friday, November 11, 2011

High-Test Momentum

Nancy is officially on a roll with her latest book. Once again, her retreat with the High-Test Girls was very timely. This time they were in a new retreat house, in Plymouth, MA. Perhaps it was the assembled throng -- all nine made it this time! -- or perhaps it was the physical space, but for whatever reason, the discussions of their work were even more fruitful than usual. Nancy made lots of progress and came away reinvigorated and once again in love with her new work.

It was a fun retreat on personal levels as well. Franny Billingsley arrived fresh off the news of her nomination for the National Book Award (watch this space for more on that soon), and Dian Curtis Regan arrived fresh off the news of her engagement! There were other tidbits of interest as well, and it all added up to a lively, fun, productive week.