Monday, November 3, 2008

To read or not to read

You know the answer, but the report of the same name from the NEA suggests that not everybody else does, as discussed by NEA chair Dana Gioia.

A sigh-inducing statement: "There is a general decline in reading among teenage and adult Americans. Most alarming, both reading ability and the habit of regular reading have greatly declined among college graduates."

So readers, keep reading, and writers, keep writing. Someone's gotta do it.

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online creative writing jobs said...

This is absolutely sad. Our education system should encourage more reading. I believe that more books should be introduced to the school system.

Also, get them while they're younger and make reading something fun to do. Teenagers should not only have to read the required schoolbooks but possibly have to choose their own choice of book and write a report or an essay. Instead of 'forcing reading' this should be put into the school system in a lighter way. Im not saying to stop reading all the classics and to stop reviewing them as in most schools.

but maybe less of that and more of what they want to read. Personally, if i wasn't a writer i would choose not to read because when i was in high school reading was forced, and when something is forced you tend to stop doing it when you dont have to.

So how about making reading more enjoyable since they are really young and not take all the fucn out of it as soon as they get into high school.

Thank you for this post!
i truly hope the situation gets better. Reading is a truly wonderful thing.