Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nancy, me, and 2008

Where to begin? 2008 was just a phenomenal year for us. While lots of bad things were happening around us, our fortune was astonishingly good. Our heroine accepted a proposal from and married your humble blogger in 2008, and of course she got Impossible published. A book tour, speaking engagements, social occasions, and much good thing after another for Nancy and me. Let me put it to you this way: both of us say without any hesitation that this year was the best of our respective lives, and given the number of years we've tallied between the two of us, that's saying something.

It's all going to be tough to top in 2009. But while this year should be a lot calmer on paper, we're thinking that we're going to continue to be very happy. And we know, with the world doing what the world does all around us, that we can't ever take that for granted. So we're just going to feel really, really lucky...

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