Monday, February 16, 2009

Our table is round, too

It's always fun when various book people show up on our doorstep, which happens rather frequently. Yestereve we had the well known children's/YA librarian Cindy Dobrez, she of the Bookends blog in collaboration with Lynn Rutan on Booklist Online.

Tonight we once again have the pleasure of hosting Jane Kurtz, who is in town to see the debut of a musical adaptation of her picture book Fire on the Mountain.

There's inevitably plenty of good conversation, about books as well as people, and it adds life to our cozy little home. I think of it as a modest version of the old Algonquin Round Table, with the obvious advantages that we're all alive, and have less pressure to be clever.

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Cindy Dobrez said...

I should have brought better wine. And, I forgot to tell you to tell Jane hello tonight. I'm sorry our paths didn't cross.