Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catching up

It's been a busy late summer and fall. Between the National Book Award judging and her latest work in progress, Nancy has been reading and writing up a storm. She finally has a lull in the action, and recently took advantage of it to enjoy the social side of the book world. We went to the Horn Book awards in Boston on Friday night, and cheered for the winners, especially Tanya Lee Stone, who received an honor for her non-fiction work Almost Astronauts. (Catch the speeches here).

The next day Nancy had a book signing at the Blue Bunny in Dedham. This was ostensibly a working gig, but it felt more like a social occasion. We had lots of nice chats with the gang that was coming up to get their books signed, and even better chats with the folks behind the Blue Bunny, including a verrry good dinner with them at Isabella's in Dedham Square.

This sort of thing is all good for us hangers-on. Nancy does all the work, I get to split the partying...

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