Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Climbin' ol' Rocky Top

Thanks to the good graces of the University of Tennessee Center for Children's and Young Adult Literature and the Knox County Public Library, Nancy will be discussing Extraordinary and signing copies in Knoxville, Tennessee at the East Tennessee History Center at 601 S. Gay Street on Friday, October 29, at 7 p.m.

Rocky Top seems like a good place to spend the Halloween weekend. Lots of people will be wearing orange (it is the home of UT, after all), but you can go one better and show up in costume. As the song suggests, it remains to be seen whether she'll ever come down.


Judy Loest said...

I was at Nancy's talk this evening at the E TN History Ctr and enjoyed it immensely. I'm a friend of Flossie who sold Nancy's books and Mandy who organized the event. My reason for writing is this: after the talk, Flossie told me that Nancy mentioned her 2 fave writers--Bronte and Frances Hodgson Burnett. Flossie was sorry that she failed to tell Nancy that Burnett lived for several yrs in Knoxville. She began writing and selling her short stories here and, as an adult, held a bohemian salon in her home which she called Vagabondia, also the name of an early novel. She married a Knoxville dr and moved back to England. Her mother is buried in our beautiful Old Gray Cemetery. If Nancy ever comes back, we'll take her there.

Nancy Werlin said...

Wow, Judy, thanks. How very interesting! And I'd love see Vagabondia one day...