Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily Digression: Jincy Willett

I'm going to be doing a lot of these daily digressions, which won't necessarily be either daily or digressions. It's mostly an excuse to keep posting fresh content without distracting too much from the theme; my aim is never to digress twice in a row.

But I'm happy to digress once in a row, and today's digression is this:

One of the few authors that I've introduced Nancy to, instead of vice versa, is Jincy Willett, who just happened to mention Nancy's friend Dian Curtis Regan in her own blog thusly:
I originally got sucked in by Willett's trick of naming one of her novels Winner of the National Book Award, but damned if it wasn't deserving of the appellation. I followed up with her collection of short stories, Jenny and the Jaws of Life, which was also pretty good, and now Nancy has polished off The Writing Class, which she liked. So that's three for three, by my math -- might be worth a look.

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