Monday, September 15, 2008

Daily Digression: Overhearing Jane Austen

This was posted yesterday on Overheard in New York. If you don't know this site, it's not really for anybody with finer sensibilities. I love it.

The schtick is that people send in amusing things that they overhear in New York (or other places), and then the OINY editors will prepend headings to go with them. The headings are the best part.

It's all brought to you by Penguin, the same people (more or less) who bring you Nancy's material. You might notice some stylistic differences, however...

Jane Austen: Bitch, Please
Little girl looking at hobo: Mommy how do you get money if you don't have any?
Trophy mom: You just get married, honey.
--18th & Broadway

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