Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby steps toward fame

A co-worker just pointed out to me that Nancy shows up on the Wikipedia page for Melrose, under "Notable residents", right there along with David Souter and Keith Tkachuk. (You're supposed to know at least one of those names, though the probability of knowing either is in inverse proportion to the probability of knowing the other.)

So it seems that she's gradually becoming better known in the world at large. The crush of the paparazzi has been manageable thus far, but you never know. Who do you see me as -- Todd Palin or Kevin Federline? (Sadly, I expect everyone to recognize both of those names.)


Lauri said...

I see you as Joanne Woodward to Nancy's Paul Newman.

Jim McCoy said...

I'll take that one and run with it! And now that you mention it, Nancy's eyes *are* pretty blue.