Friday, October 17, 2008

Retreat! Retreat!

Several of Nancy's writer pals have begun to gather for a retreat that starts tomorrow.

It's something they've been doing for years, since the days when most of them were still cutting their teeth as writers. They pool their money and rent a place for a week, and have a fine time writing, socializing, writing, talking about writing, socializing, and writing some more. A ton of good fiction happens at these things.

Historically it's been in Maine at whatever bed & breakfast wouldn't kick them out for being too raucous, but this year they're mixing it up and holding it at an undisclosed location in a scenic part of Massachusetts. I actually get to join them for dinner one night (they disclosed to me) and catch a glimpse of the inner sanctum. Of course, my observation will affect the experiment, and I won't get a complete picture of what goes on, but it'll still be fun...

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